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Google Cloud Platform

GCP provides what may be the most powerful cloud platform with ease never seen in the other. Build highly reliable and scalable applications to scales you may have never imagined before all on Google's proven infrastructure.

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Java is extremely versatile for many uses. Use Spring Boot to build websites with the strength of Spring and simplicity not seen before in Java applications. Build ETL pipelines in GCP with Java functionality leveraged on Apache Beam.

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NodeJS is the latest fast rising technology for providing business application logic. Fantastic solution for lightweight REST services. GCP Cloud Functions allows for highly scalable NodeJS business logic for use as PAAS.


ETL Pipeline Framework

1. Numerous Microprocessors Send Data to GCP Pub/Sub.

2. GCP Pub/Sub Messaging Queue Receives up to 300,000 Messages Per Second.
3. GCP Dataflow Asynchronously Processes Messages Sending Them To GCP BigQuery.
4. Nightly Cron Job Triggers Copy of Big Query Data into Persisted CSV Files on Cloud Datastore.
5. Nightly Cron Job also Copies CSV Files into All Databases of Choice Including Hadoop Cluster with Spark and Hive.


6. Statistical and Mathematical Analytics Run on Data.

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